Swim Lessons 2020

Thank you for your patience! Cabana Club is now teaching swim lessons for summer 2020! 

Cabana Club South offers private swim lessons to members and non-members. Sessions are 10 lessons, 20 minutes long, taught Monday-Friday for two consecutive weeks. The safety of our students and instructors is very important to us! In order to maintain physical distance, lessons will only be taught in the morning from 9:00am and noon while the pool is closed to members. There will be no more than 10 students in the pool at a time, each with an individual instructor. Per Cabana Club policy, symptom checks are being conducted before instructors may enter the area, and all instructors will wear face shields while teaching lessons. We will ask students to enter the pool separately along the side of the pool or take turns using the stairs to maintain distance from each other. Please see our Social Distancing Protocol here and our Operations and Social Distancing Guidelines for Members on our home page.

The 2020 price for Cabana Club South Members is $110 and for non-members $145.  

Swim Session 1 Registration Closed: June 22 - July 2 **No lesson July 3 because of Holiday Weekend**
Swim Session 2 Registration Closed: July 6 - July 17
Swim Lessons Session 5 Registration Open: August 17-August 28

Email cabanaswimlessons@gmail.com with any questions!


How long are the lessons? Private lessons are 20 minutes long and open to students 2 years and older who are willing to enter the pool with the instructor. 

How long is a session? Our sessions consist of 10 lessons given Monday through Friday for two consecutive weeks.

Who are the instructors? Our instructors are trained and certified lifeguards. Many have experience on swim teams and water polo teams, as well as teaching lessons here at the club or other pools.

What should I do if I am unhappy with my instructor? We encourage swim instructors to talk with parents to clarify expectations and provide feedback. This is an opportunity to address any concerns. If, however, you are not satisfied, please contact the swim lesson coordinator as soon as possible so she is aware of the issues and can make adjustments.

Can/should I be in the water during  my child's lesson? While we are excited about parent involvement, you may not be with your child in the water during the lesson. As instructors, we want to encourage our students to become comfortable swimming with others as well as become confident and safe swimmers. In addition, when the pool becomes crowded, your presence prevents the instructors from doing their job effectively.

Are make-up lessons offered for missed lessons?

What is  the cancellation policy?

What is the water temperature in the pool?
If the swim instructor is unavailable to teach a class, the lesson will be rescheduled. However, lessons cannot be rescheduled to accommodate student absences or scheduling conflicts and you will not receive a refund for these days.

If lessons are cancelled more than 7 days before they are scheduled a full refund will be given. 
If lessons are cancelled within 7 days of their start date and the spot is not filled by another student, no refund can be given. 

We aim to keep the water temperature at 83 degrees F.  It may fluctuate a bit due to varying weather conditions. 


Questions?  Email us at cabanaswimlessons@gmail.com


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